• sleepwalker

    New content is waiting for you to challenge! Adam sleepwalks on a dark and icy night, and now you need to help our Adam and trigger the small mechanism in the scene to get Adam back to his bed.

  • snowmanAdventure

    Everything in the snowman's living space is rising. To survive, the snowman must always jump down. The task of the player in the game is to help the snowman not to be pressed by the top and jump crazy down!

  • theAdventures

    The primitive man will encounter some obstacles while collecting food. Now you need to help him, avoid obstacles, collect food, and get high scores! Come on!

  • warriorJumpToad

    The soldiers were trapped at sea and could not escape. The only way was to escape by jumping wooden stakes. So now you need to help the soldiers to jump through toads, jump over wooden stakes, avoid obstacles, and escape from the sea.

  • theLnvasion

    The earth is suffering waves of ruthless aggression, and now only the Earth's defense system can resist these aggressions. Control the defense system to destroy the invaders and guard the peace of the earth!

  • wulpWesrWar

    In the game, we need to choose a cowboy to play against the opponent. The gameplay is similar to rock-paper-scissors. The game supports two-player mode. You can also fight with your friends. Come try it!

  • troubleInTheWest

    It's time to test your eyesight. Can you find the specified items in this picture within a limited time? Find everything at the fastest speed! Come and try it!