• fidgetSpinnerZombieWar

    Zombies are gradually invading your neighbors. Fortunately, there are plenty of spinners, and now you need to be ready to use this cute spinner to destroy zombies. Every zombie you destroy earns a corresponding coin.

  • randomRunner

    This is a very fun parkour game. In the game, you need to collect coins to unlock all characters. Come and challenge your friends.

  • runcriminal

    A parkour game. In the game, the criminal escaped from the prison and was chased by the police. Come and help the police uncle catch the criminal, go as far as possible and challenge higher points.

  • saveTheMonsters

    The monsters are hung up. Now you need to pick up the bow and arrow to rescue the hoisted monsters. All the monsters are rescued and they will pass the level. The difficulty will increase with the level. Pay attention to the number of arrows.

  • DraculaQuest

    This is a classic mini-game. In the game, the player controls the vampire baron to reach the end to enter the next level. Each level will be a different challenge. Are your friends ready? Go fight.

  • SnowbNllWorlo

    The kitten was in this amazing place, and the kitten started its wonderful journey. Control the kitten to jump to dodge and get the keys to the level. Let's help the kitten escape this snowball world!

  • nimbleFish

    This is a very flexible small fish. It lives in this small space. When the small fish jumps back and forth, be careful not to touch the stars and the crabs above and below. Let's all challenge them.