• barbarunaEscape

    This is a very fun challenge mini-game. In the game, you need to accurately control the primitive person and then control the flying direction. Be careful not to hit the spikes. Friends, please challenge it.

  • bomb

    In the game, different levels are set, and the bombs of each level will increase with the level. Players only need to click the detonation bomb in the place specified by the explosion route to successfully pass the level. Come on!

  • brokenHore

    In order to detect the enemy's military situation, the warrior wandered not far from the enemy's station. As a result, the flame war horse accidentally tripped over the stone and threw the warrior out. The warrior is now in the enemy camp, let's help him leave safely

  • feroesTales

    Players control the hero to destroy monsters while running parkour. Destroyed monsters will turn into money. Players can upgrade the hero's skills through gold coins, which will be more beneficial to them in later levels. Come and save the world together!.

  • theBigNightOut

    It's time to test your eyesight. Can you find the specified items in this picture within a limited time? Find everything at the fastest speed! Come and try it!

  • saveTheMiner

    The miner was accidentally trapped in a high place, all around him were dangerous. Let us help the miner successfully reach the ground! Players help miners make successful landings by eliminating boxes.